Are your joints sore, do you suffer from arthritis?

Are your joints sore, do you suffer from arthritis?

If you haven't tried NZ Pure Health Green Lipped Mussel, then now is the time. Get yourself ready for summer with relief from joint pain. Green Lipped Mussel is not just a local New Zealand delicacy, it's also a powerful source of Omega-3, Chondroitin and Glucosamine. These are three powerful compounds are known to provide relief from joint pain. Taken regularly over an extended period of time Green Lipped Mussel are also beneficial for the repair and maintenance of damaged joints. Unless you are allergic to seafood, there are no adverse side effects from taking Green Lipped Mussel over long periods of time.

It's thought that over time the body loses it's ability to make these compounds in the body and a deficiency of Chondroitin and Glucosamines has been found in people suffering from arthritis.

Take the test now and see if our Green Lipped Mussel can make a difference to your joint mobility. The freedom of movement gained from taking this natural marine supplement can be life changing.

Green Lipped Mussel is also available for pets. Our Pure Pets Green Lipped Mussel comes in a smaller capsule that is easy for your cat or dog to take. If your senior cat or dog has difficulty walking then it is quite likely they have some form joint inflammation and pain. Taken regularly Pure Pets Green Lipped Mussel can help relieve your pets inflammation and joint pain, and assist in the recovery of their mobility.

Take the test and feel the difference. If you like the benefits of NZ Pure Health Green Lipped Mussel then it's likely your pets will too.