Pure Club - How to Redeem Rewards

When you have earned a minimum of 50 Pure Points you can redeem your points for discount vouchers to use on your next order.

1. Sign-in to your account through the Rewards Launcher which floats in the right bottom corner of the website.

2. In the widget panel you will see the balance of your points. You will see that you have a reward available. To redeem your points in for discounts click on the Order Discount View button (below).

3. Move the slider to increase the amount of points to redeem on a discount voucher.

4. When you push the Redeem button you will be sent an email containing a discount code you can use on your next order. However the easiest way to use the discount is to click the 'Apply Code' button on the next screen. This will automatically put the code into the checkout and automatically apply the discount to your order.
Apply Code Panel