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Skin Health Supports joint health

Suitable for

  • Skin elasticity & firmness
  • Hair, nails, cartilage and tendons & other connective tissues
  • Bone & joint health

As people age, collagen degradation start to occur. Without enough collagen, the human body literally falls apart as collagen connects and supports all bodily tissues, including skin, muscles and cartilage. NZ Pure Health Marine Collagen is sourced from the cartilage, scales and skin of by-product fish species found in New Zealand waters such as Hoki and Elephant fish. Our premium grade Hydrolyzed marine collagen contains more than 85% protein, along with other vitamins and sea-based minerals, it is the perfect supplement for skin and joint health.

Each NZ Pure Health Marine Collagen capsule contains:
350mg Marine Collagen powder, 50mg Vitamin C and encapsulating materials.
This product contains no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.

 Marine Collagen capsule

Take one (1) or two (2) capsules daily as a dietary food supplement or as professionally advised.

NOT recommended for people allergic to seafood.

If pregnant, breastfeeding or on prescription medication, check with your healthcare professional first.

What is Marine Collagen?
NZ Pure Health Marine Collagen is a natural substance found in fish scales. It is extracted from selected fish species caught in the clear waters surrounding New Zealand.
Collagen is a protein which is present throughout the human body and essential for life.

Where is it Sourced from?
NZ Pure Health Marine Collagen is processed from a selected fish species caught under licence from South Island Fisheries. This process is distinctly different as our manufacturing division ensures quality fresh fish from a species known as Elephant fish. This is further combined with the skin from another highly valuable fish bi-product from New Zealand Hoki. Combining all these processes from the sea to the end product enables us to produce a highly desirable Collagen product with among other features renowned for its anti-ageing qualities.

Health benefits
Studies have shown that the quality and texture of healthy skin is dependent on the amount of collagen present. The proportion of collagen in the skin naturally decreases with age. This results in lines, wrinkles and sagging of the skin especially on the face, hands, and arms. The key to reducing collagen regeneration in the skin is to stimulate the production of the collagen matrix beneath the surface.
Marine Collagen is a rich source of collagen proteins combined with the anti-oxidant properties of vitamin C.
Together these nutrients can support collagen regeneration and, if taken regularly, may slow or even prevent skin damage.

Customer Reviews

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Awesome product

I brought this to help my skin almost a year ago. Which it has done, but I also got the added benefit of more hair growth. I have very fine hair but since taking this my hair is getting thicker by the day. I will continue to buy this awesome product.

Sylvia Tan

I have consumed marine collagen for less than one year. I noticed my skin looks brighter, softer and smoother. It is beneficial for fighting the aging process and supporting the body inside and outside. Reduce the appearance of wrinkles and prevent the skin from sagging or drying. Marine collagen is the best for anti aging. I will keep continuing this product. It is highly recommended.

Customer review

easy to swallow and no fishy smell. Will order again