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Athletic performance physical & mental function

Deer Velvet may provide support for the following:

  • The immune system
  • Athletic performance and strength
  • Muscle recovery after excessive exercise
  • Vitality and the normal aging process
  • Bodybuilding and weight training
  • Sexual function for both men and women
  • Joint health

NZ Pure Health Deer Velvet is sourced from top-grade deer antlers, located in the South Island of New Zealand. Our Deer Velvet has a wide variety of nutrients including growth factors, collagen, amino acids, lipids and glycosaminoglycans (GAGs), making it a supplement that may help the body to restore and strengthen itself.

Each NZ Pure Health Deer Velvet capsule contains:
500mg Deer Velvet powder (166.7*mg (3:1) equivalent to *500mg of fresh high grade Deer Velvet) and encapsulating materials.
This product contains no artificial flavourings, colourings or preservatives.

Deer Velvet capsule

Take 1 or 2 capsules daily as a dietary food supplement or as professionally advised.

If pregnant, breastfeeding or on prescription medication should check with their healthcare professional first.

Frequently asked questions about NZ Pure Health Deer Velvet

Q. What is Deer Velvet?
A. Deer antlers are also called velvet. Only male deer grow antlers and use them to dominate their opponents.

Q. Is the Deer harmed during the Velvet removal process?
A. The velvet removal process is only carried out by trained farmers who ensure the welfare of the deer and it is a renewable resource as deer antlers regenerate naturally. Once removed, the antler velvet is freeze-dried and hygienically processed to preserve the potent nutrient qualities of the antler.

Q. How is it a renewable product?
A. Antlers are naturally deciduous – they fall off and re-grow every year.

Q. For how long should I take Deer Velvet?
A. You can take Deer Velvet as a natural health tonic as long as you need it.

Q. What if I am a vegetarian?
A. Deer velvet is not a meat product. It is a similar product to eggs or milk

Customer Reviews

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Ross Anderson
Superb service

Order arrived within 24 hours, amazing!!

betty ko

Gives me the needed boost for my very physically demanding job! Highly recommended.

Mark Keith
The Best on the market!

I have been taking deer antler (several different brands) for approximately 10 years. All the claims, improved strength, vigor, improved sleep, looking younger, immune support, all are true, NZ Pure Health is by far one of the purest, most consistent supplements available anywhere - at any price. It is the Best on the market!

Geoffrey Smith
Outstanding Quality

I have been buying Deer Velvet from NZ Pure Health for many years, the quality has always been exemplary- I give a 5 star rating with no hesitation.

Eduardo Halol

Awesome service and product