Supplements for Athletes and Sports People

Supplements for Athletes and Sports People

Supplements for Athletes and Sports People


Supplement Help for Athletes and Sports People

We can help you deal with those niggly pains and the discomfort that comes with being an athlete or active sports person

New to our range is NZ Pure Health Black Maca. This remarkable root from Peru provides sustained energy boosting qualities without the “crash” like other energy boosting products. It's also great for concentration and mental clarity, and for this reason it's a favorite among students cramming for exams at this time of year. Athletes and fitness enthusiasts also love Black Maca for it's stamina enhancing qualities, and couples looking for assistance with libido, fertility and erectile dysfunction issues.

Another new product is NZ Pure Health Magnesium and Cramp Bark. This advanced formula has been designed to assist with muscle recovery, tension relief and relaxation. Magnesium plays an important role in healthy muscle function, and can assist pre-menstrual tension (PMT), calming restlessness, and getting to and staying asleep. This is a great formula for women looking for PMT pain and symptom relief and athletes and sportspeople looking for speedier muscle recovery.

The Wonder of Black Maca

Here at last. After sourcing the best non-GMO organic Peruvian Black Maca we could find, this new product to NZ Pure Health is ready to go. 

NZ Pure Health Black Maca comes in 800mg capsules for effective dosages. Compare the market and see that we deliver great value for money with our health supplements that are pure, potent and traceable. We know where our Peruvian Black Maca comes from.

Black Maca truly is an amazing product. Used by native Peruvians for centuries as a dietary staple, it's been an important factor in their ability to thrive in altitudes of 5000 metres above sea level. Quite apart from the everyday nutritional value the Black Maca roots have, their supplemental properties are remarkable.

From sexual health and mental focus to athletic performance [with increased stamina and strength], Black Maca is also proven useful for relief of some of the more discomforting symptoms of menopause, like hot flushes and night sweats. It's adaptogenic properties balance and optimise the human body's many highly complex systemic interactions — aiding homeostasis, (the equilibrium of the many systems and subsystems within the human body). Black Maca acts to “tune up” the human body and all its complex systems so the body can function at peak performance.

While Black Maca works in an elegantly understated manner, the results are far from subtle, in some instances the health benefits are spectacular, especially in the areas of athletic performance and mental clarity.

Get in quick because New Zealand stocks of premium quality Black Maca are very limited. Insist on NZ Pure Health Black Maca every time.

Magnesium and Cramp Bark — PMT Relief and Muscle Recovery

This is a great formula for women looking for PMT pain and symptom relief, and athletes looking for speedier muscle recovery.

Whether you know it as PMT or PMS, it's still a pain. NZ Pure Health Magnesium and Cramp Bark formula is just the thing to deal with abdominal cramps and bloating. Magnesium plays an important part in healthy muscle function, and can relieve the cramping, bloating and pain associated with pre-menstrual tension or stress. Cramp Bark is a North American herb used to treat pain and abdominal swelling associated with the menstrual cycle. It is also used to improve kidney function.

NZ Pure Health Magnesium with Cramp Bark has the added benefit of Vitamin B6 and Zinc to improve muscle recovery in athletes, along with alleviating the symptoms of PMT and tension headaches. This formulation is also useful for helping people who have difficulty getting to sleep.

For PMT sufferers, we recommend taking NZ Pure Health Magnesium with Cramp Bark a few days before your period until the discomfort has passed. Athletes or regular exercisers should consider long-term magnesium supplementation if you train hard and also get twitchy muscles.