Green Lipped Mussel Joint Supplement

Green Lipped Mussel Joint Supplement

Green Lipped Mussel Joint Supplement

Green Lipped Mussel can be very useful for relief of joint pain and inflammation, especially New Zealand Pure Health Green Lipped Mussel joint supplement. Our preparation has been specially prepared via freeze drying and the mussel lipid extracts have been stabilised to retain effectiveness of key bioactives.

The key bioactives in Green Lipped Mussels: chondroitin sulphate, glucosamine, glycosaminoglycans and Omega-3 have well documented properties that encourage and promote cartilage and joint repair, and relief from joint inflammation.

Until we lose the ability to move freely, we take for granted what it means to be active. When pain strikes in the joints and tendons, the loss of mobility can be quite sudden. Deprived of even the simple act of tying shoe laces, or opening a jar, joint pain can can and does rob people of the ability to function effectively. Few people but joint pain sufferers know of the agony and suffering that osteo arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis can have on their lives.

Athletes and active people can also require assistance for their joint health for repair and recovery of their joints when training. Green Lipped Mussels may be the perfect recovery supplement for athletes and sportspeople.

Green Lipped Mussel Joint Supplement User Testimonial

In a recent correspondence with one of our customers, we were delighted to read that after taking Green Lipped Mussel for three months, our customer was able to drastically reduce her use of prescript medication after two years of joint arthritis, spinal stenosis, and sacroiliac joint arthritis.

“I have settled on taking 4 green lipped mussel capsules daily at 3:00 pm, which was the time I took the Celebrex, which gets me through the evening and allows me to sleep without interruption. I am very pleased, and so is my doctor!” Ellen

Prior to this she had sought relief with several months of physical therapy, nerve ablation, several types of injections including a steroid injection to her sacroiliac joint, and daily Celebrex. Our customer is now happy to all but replace Celebrex (an NSAID with known side effects, which she only has to use occasionally now) with our all natural Green Lipped Mussel joint supplement.

Find out if New Zealand Pure Health Green Lipped Mussel is right for you, order your bottle now.