Multi-Vitamin Plus

Energy & Strength Immunity support
Suitable for
  • Maintaining overall health, vitality, energy and immunity
  • Support the immune system
  • Protecting the body from free radical damage
  • Busy adults and those recovering from illness
  • Assisting with bridging the gap of low nutrient intake 

A perfect diet that provides our body with essential vitamins and minerals is hard to achieve on a daily basis. Additionally, nutrient levels can vary substantially in the food we eat due to the growing, processing and cooking techniques that are used. NZ Pure Health Multi-Vitamin is a comprehensive multivitamin supplement that provides nutritional support all year round.

Each Multi-Vitamin Plus capsule contains:
2.8mg Vitamin A, 10mg Vitamin B1, 10mg Vitamin B2, 100mg Vitamin B3, 5mg Vitamin B6, 0.05mg Vitamin B12, 100mg Vitamin C, 5mcg Vitamin D3, 4mg
Vitamin E, 40mg Calcium, 15mg Iron, 30mg Magnesium, 5mg Manganese, 10mg Potassium, 11.6mg Zinc Gluconate and encapsulating materials.
This product contains no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.

Multi-Vitamin Plus soft gel capsule

Take one capsule daily as a dietary food supplement or as professionally advised.

Supplementary to a balanced diet. Contains Vitamin A.

If pregnant, breastfeeding, planning to get pregnant or on prescription medication, consult your healthcare professional before taking this supplement.

Frequently asked questions about NZ Pure Health Multi-Vitamin Plus

Q Who should take a multi-vitamin supplement daily?
A Multi-Vitamins are good for the elderly, individuals with poor dietary habits, those with limited exposure to sunlight and individuals who have a medical condition that affects vitamin absorption.

Q Should multi-vitamin supplements be taken with food?
A Yes, it is best to take multivitamins with food at the same time every day, as nutrition was designed to be absorbed through our food.

Q Can a multi-vitamin be taken with other supplements?
A  Although the NZ Pure Health Multi-Vitamin is designed to cover a full range of daily vitamins and minerals, you may choose to include a speciality supplement to target a specific need. However, do consult your healthcare professional before commencing a supplement regime.

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