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Healthy Energy Levels Immune System Support

NZ Pure Health Bovine Colostrum tablets may support immune health, bone growth and brain function. Made from the milk of pasture-raised dairy cows in the green fields of New Zealand,  NZ Pure Health Colostrum tablets are rich in Immunoglobulins and a number of concentrated nutrients to support immune health.

Other indications to benefit from NZ Pure Health Bovine Colostrum tablets are:

  • Age-protective factors
  • Allergies
  • Arthritis
  • Autoimmune conditions
  • Diarrhea
  • Digestive disturbances and digestive infections
  • Leaky Gut Syndrome
  • Weight Management and Shaping, Athletics and Sports

Bovine Colostrum is made from milk of New Zealand pasture-raised dairy cows that are synthetic hormone and antibiotic-free. It is easily absorbed by the body and may promote bone development, while also enhancing the immune system and overall health and wellbeing.

Each NZ Pure Health Bovine Colostrum tablet contains: Colostrum chewable tablet
Natural New Zealand Colostrum powder (equivalent to 45mg IgG Immunoglobulins) 225mg
Whole milk powder 302mg
and other tableting aids.

Take two (2) or three (3) tablets daily as a dietary food supplement or as professionally advised.

NZ Pure Health Colostrum is not a balanced diet and should not be used as a food replacement. For infants, use only as directed by a physician. NOT FOR INTRAVENOUS USE.


Age-protective factors Increasing vitality and energy, low immunity to chronic inflammation. NZ Pure Health Colostrum has a wide spectrum of possible applications.

Allergies Food allergies can often be a factor in asthma, eczema, urticaria, hayfever and sinusitis. Incompletely digested food molecules can be inappropriately absorbed into the systemic circulation. As the immune system reacts against food proteins, this can lead to the development of food allergies or food intolerance and associated inflammation.

Arthritis Research trials are currently underway in the support and treatment of arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.

Autoimmune conditions NZ Pure Health Colostrum may also help the body with autoimmune conditions, as the immune system may be overactive.  NZ Pure Health Colostrum may help enhance an under-active immune system and help balance an overactive immune system.

Digestive disturbances are prevalent in today’s society. Health professionals are using colostrum to support the treatment of diarrhea, colitis, Crohn's, gastroenteritis, heartburn, diverticulosis, and stomach ulcers.

Infections The efficacy of colostrum has been tested against pathogens including candida, bacterial, viral, cryptosporidia, campylobacter, H Pylori, salmonella and streptococcus bacteria. Research suggests colostrum may aid the body in fighting these infections.

Leaky Gut Syndrome is a common affliction, resulting in allergies and poor absorption of nutrients from food. The immune-enhancing components of colostrum are able to fight the pathogenic causes of Leaky Gut Syndrome, and the growth factors help heal and replace the damaged intestinal cells.

Weight shaping, Athletics, and Sports decrease workout recovery time and increases stamina whilst promoting muscle growth and lean muscle mass. Lean muscle mass promotes fat burning for weight shape management.

What is Bovine Colostrum?
Colostrum is the pre-milk fluid produced from the mother's mammary glands during the first few days after giving birth. Bovine colostrum is derived from cows. Colostrum is a rich source of antibodies, growth factors, and nutrients for the suckling neonate and may provide passive immunity to the newborn against various infectious micro-organisms, particularly those that affect the gastrointestinal tract. It may also have other health benefits.
The protein content of bovine colostrum is three to four times higher up to 150 grams per litre compared to 30 to 40 grams per litre than it is in regular cow's milk.
The greater part of this protein is comprised of whey proteins. Immunoglobulins, mainly IgG, make up about 75% of the whey proteins. Other substances found in bovine colostrum include casein, lactoferrin, alpha-lactalbumin, beta-lactoglobulin, and the growth factors insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1), insulin-like growth factor-2 (IGF-2), transforming growth factor-beta (TGFbeta) and epidermal growth factor (EGF). In addition, bovine colostrum contains vitamins, minerals, lipids and lactose. Bovine colostrum may also contain colostrinin, also known as proline-rich polypeptide (PRP), a substance found in ovine colostrum. Bovine colostrum prepared by microfiltration is mainly composed of whey proteins and their associated immunoglobulins and the growth factors IGF-1, IGF-2, TGFbeta and EGF.
Substances such as lactose, fats, casein and lactalbumin are significantly reduced in microfiltered bovine colostrum. Hyperimmune bovine colostrum is rich in immunoglobulins of the IgG type, which are protective against such infectious microorganisms as Cryptosporidium parvum (a major cause of AIDS-associated diarrhea), diarrheagenic Escherichia coli strains, Shigella flexneri, Clostridium difficile, and rotavirus, the most common cause of severe diarrhea in young children.

How Does It Work?
Colostrum is highly beneficial in the unique manner in which it provides the body with its numerous immune factors. Most infectious disease-causing organisms enter the body through the mucous membranes of the intestinal tract. In order to remain healthy, it is critical that we are able to combat disease-causing organisms: bacteria, viruses, pollutants, contaminants and allergens where they attack us. Clinical research by Dr. David Tyrell, in England, in 1980, revealed that a high percentage of the antibodies and immunoglobulins present in colostrum are believed not to be absorbed but remain in the intestinal tract where they attack disease causing organisms before they penetrate the body and cause disease. The remainder is believed to be absorbed and distributed to assist in our internal defense processes. It is this combination of actions that is believed to make colostrum so unique and effective as an oral supplement.

Mechanism Of Action
Hyperimmune bovine colostrum may have antimicrobial activity based on the ability of specific immunoglobulins of the IgG type to react with bacterial, viral, and other microbiological antigens in the gut. Bovine colostrum contains a few immunostimulatory substances, including lactoferrin. It may also contain colostrinin or proline-rich polypeptide (PRP), another possible immunomodulatory substance. The combination of specific, as well as nonspecific, IgGs and such immunomodulatory factors as lactoferrin and PRP may afford general antimicrobial protection of the gastrointestinal tract.

The pharmacokinetics of bovine colostrum, particularly with regard to the immunoglobulins, is unclear. It would be expected that immunoglobulins found in bovine colostrum would be rapidly inactivated by stomach acid and proteolytic action in the small intestine. Enteric coating would protect the proteins from acid in the stomach but not from proteolytic activity in the small intestine. However, following the ingestion of bovine colostrum, some immunoglobulins are found to be excreted intact in the feces after a few days. This suggests that some immunoglobulins may be more resistant to degradation in the gut.
Growth factors and other peptides and proteins in bovine colostrum are most likely degraded by proteolytic enzymes and absorbed, distributed and metabolized in the same fashion as similar dietary substances.

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