Goat Milk Powder 450 Grams

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Low-fat, low-allergenic dairy replacement. NZ Pure Health Goat Milk Powder is a rich source of calcium and protein. Low in fat and easily digested, it is a great way to support bone health and energy for those who are allergic to cow milk.

Goat milk has long been considered a nutritious alternative to cows milk. It is naturally rich in calcium and protein and is easily digestible. The smaller globule size of the fat content makes goat milk naturally low in fat. NZ Pure Health Goat Milk Powder is very nutritious. Vanilla flavoured, has a pleasant taste.

450g 100% Full cream Goat Milk Powder

Serving Size 1 scoop = 5g (approx)
Not recommended for infants under 6 months

6 months to 1 year old: 1 scoop per serving

1-8 years old: 2-3 scoops per serving

8-18 years old: 2-4 scoops per serving

Adults: 3-5 scoops per serving

Mixing with food

NZ Pure Health Goat Milk Powder may be mixed directly into prepared foods such as rice, cereal, smoothie or soup. When added to infant foods (infants = 6 months - 1 year), use 1 scoop per serving.

Goat Milk Powder is not a complete food and should not be used as a food replacement. Infant use from six months old or directed by a Physician.

About goat milk
Long recognised as a very nutritional alternative to cow's milk, goat milk production has developed strongly from a fledgling industry 15 years ago. Owing to the size of its molecules, goat milk is more like human milk and therefore much more readily digested by babies and suitable for a range of dairy products.

Goat milk offers superior digestibility to cows milk, due to the following factors:

  • The fat globules of goat milk are finer than those of cows milk, allowing for a greater surface to volume ratio for enzymatic attack. This enables the fat of goat milk to be broken down and digested more easily.
  • Goat milk has more MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides)’s than cow milk. MCT's are metabolically unique in that they can be absorbed by a simpler mechanism than other fatty acids. MCT's, which are higher in goat milk than cow milk, have a unique ability to provide energy to the human metabolism, as well as an ability to lower, inhibit and dissolve cholesterol deposits.
  • Goat milk casein forms a less tough and more friable curd than the casein of cow milk. This means the digestive enzymes can break it down more rapidly.

Health benefits of goat milk
Goat milk reduced allergenicity
Goat milk is a natural alternative to cow milk. It is widely used by people who seek to avoid cow milk products. However, individuals who are highly sensitive to cow milk proteins, or other food allergens, are recommended to consult their allergy specialist prior to consuming goat milk.

Enhanced micronutrient absorption
Several recent studies have shown that micronutrients in goat milk can be absorbed better than cow milk. They found that goat milk enhanced calcium content of femur, sternum and Longissimus dorsi muscle over cow milk. In addition, they found a beneficial effect of goat milk on iron uptake.

Maintenance of gastro-intestinal health
The gastrointestinal epithelium performs an important barrier function to keep micro-organisms from passing in to the blood. Breakdown of this barrier results in an increase in permeability which can lead to various problems. Studies have shown that consumption of goat milk can prevent the loss of intestinal barrier function that follows stress from heat or other sources.

Enhanced buffering capacity

Goat milk has a higher buffering capacity than cow milk at the pH conditions which exist in the stomach.

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