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Suitable for:

  • Busy people and those with an unsatisfactory diet
  • The elderly and people recovering from illness
  • Great product if feeling low in energy, tired and prone to illness
  • Helpful for weight management

NZ Pure Health Bee Pollen is a "natural multi-vitamin" full of concentrated vitamins, minerals and proteins - carefully processed to ensure no damage or oxidation to vital nutrients.

Why New Zealand Pure Health Bee Pollen?

  • Bee Pollen is sourced from an unpolluted natural environment in the South Island of New Zealand
  • Bee Pollen is nature’s functional superfood
  • Bee Pollen supports the immune system
  • Energy booster

Each NZ Pure Health Bee Pollen capsule contains:
500mg Bee Pollen and encapsulating materials.

This product contains no artificial flavours, colours, or preservatives.

Bee Pollen capsule



Take one (1) capsule two to three times as a dietary food supplement or as professionally advised.


If on prescription medication, please check with your healthcare professional first. DO NOT exceed the recommended dose.

NOT suitable for those with allergies to bee products. This product can cause severe allergic reactions.

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Did you know?

Bee pollen is the male part of the plant that must be joined with the female element for reproduction. Every small speck of pollen has all the ingredients to reproduce life. That means it has all the vitamins, minerals, enzymes, coenzymes, amino acids (protein), carbohydrates, male hormones, and trace elements. It is a powerhouse of living energy. Pollen is used by the bees as a high-protein food that they eat in addition to honey.

A bee must visit 1,500 flowers to fill her pollen baskets. This gives some kind of indication of how much energy can be supplied by pollen and other raw honey products! A single golden grain contains 500,000 - 5 million live pollen spores. This is pure LIFE ENERGY.

That is why superfoods are the best supplements for you and your family! NZ Pure Health Bee Pollen provides an incredibly complex supply of raw, unprocessed nutrients.

Frequently asked questions?

Q. What is Bee Pollen?
A. Pollen is the male reproductive spore in plants which the honey bee collects and takes back to the hive.

Q. How can Bee Pollen help my energy levels?
A. Bee Pollen is described as a natural multi-vitamin that contains B vitamins, amino acids, and carbohydrates that provide energy and the nutrients required to maintain stamina.

Q. What is a functional superfood?
A. Superfoods contain all the essential nutrients to support good health. NZ Pure Health Bee Pollen is carefully dried and processed to preserve the nutritional potency of the end product.

Q. What if I don’t like the taste of honey?
A. The Bee Pollen is in a capsule, so if you swallow them with water you should not taste anything. However, if swelling of the mouth or throat occurs, discontinue use and see your medical practitioner.

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